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PEMBeyond project was started the 1st of May 2014. Public deliverables will be published here after their completion.

D1.1 Annual public status report Year 1 
D1.2 Annual public status report Year 2
D1.3 Annual public status report Years 3-4
D1.4 Risk management plan
D3.4 Report on ejector modelling, characterization and testing in FCS v2
D5.1  Report on decision process between building or acquiring a PSA unit v3
D5.2  Report on feasibility evaluation of composite palladium membrane for H2 purification
D5.7 Report on the assembled PSA prototype
D6.1  System and subsystem specification report
D6.2  Report on hydrogen quality specifications
D6.5 HAZOP report
D6.6 Analysis of different start-up fuel options
D7.3 Field trial report v2
D8.1  Report on market research
D8.4 Public report on techno-economic analysis
D8.6 Report on Environmental Assessment
D9.2  Dissemination plan v2